News from Ioannina

A rather free translation in english:

On Sunday October the 5th, around 150 "participants in the party of Life" from various places around Greece, travelled to the town of Kyra-Frosyni (Ioannina) to invite to party the disposessed of Ioannina prisons and especially the new-comer Polikarpos Georgiadis. Chanting slogans as "Fire for this hole", "Neither penal, nor political, fire to every prison", "Let's bring a helicopter to take out Polys", "Kidnap Mylonas, gas canister bombings every night, freedom for Polys Georgiadis", and the people inside the prison replied with "burn it all" and "bring in the wire-cutter". There was also a microphonics gig accompanying the demonstrations with songs mostly of Thanasis Papakonstantinou where were read communiques of Polykarpos on his case, a communique by the "Cell of Guerrilla Action" on the reasons they had bombed Nigrita prisons, and a text the group from Thessaloniki wrote during the journey. Later on, there was a march through the city center where slogans were chanted and spray painted on walls.

During the way back, at the 20 minute bus stop, the group met with a bus driver of Alumil, Mylonas' company. Once they asked him to carry their "regards" to Mylonas, the comrades there had the chance to live a surrealistic moment, once the driver started gibbering on the great social work his boss does, giving work to hundreds of families!

Following is a text written by the group from Thessaloniki.

This June 3 unknown persons kidnapped Giorgos Mylonas, president of northern Greece industrialists, as a reward for the hundreds of workers he and his class abduct every day. An action speaking of its own for the hostile stance of these persons against him and the class he is a symbol of.

A class, straightforward on its behalf, against its subjects. Schools, military camps, and prisons constitute this world that this class, Mylonas' class saves for us.

This June, three unknown persons took Giorgos Mylonas as a hostage, this main expression of the unscrupulous capitalism of 21rst century, also called neo-liberalism, claiming back, some of the stolen money of his. He gets treated the same way he and his class treat their subjects: as a merchandise that needs to tighten its belt (a phrase actually used by Mylonas to make clear his views of the working class).

On August 20, three persons get arrested for participation in Mylonas' case. Among them is the anarchist communist Polykarpos Georgiadis, who has clearly hostile stance against what Mylonas and his class have imposed: A condition, that takes away from people the control of their lives. A condition turning them into merchandise, number, statistices. A condition, that in order th act against it, it is n't enough to expropriate only the stolen surplus value, but the whole of life in its totality, living not as a merchandise, not as a number nor statistics, but as a human.

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