2 out of 3 May6's detainees on a hunger strike

2 of the 3 detainees, accused for the May 6 riots during the social forum's march, are on hunger strike. Tarasios Zadorozni since November 29 and Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos since December 7. All their appeals where rejected, and they are demanding for their release. Tarasios demands the unconditional release of his codefendants, the withdrawl of categories and ceasing of their case.

A translation of their letters on their hunger strike in english:

GERASIMOS KYRIAKOPOULOS ON HUNGER STRIKE (since December 7) My name is Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos. I am detained in the Prisons of Korydallos, accused for the episodes of May 6 during the 4th European Social Forum. A few things for my affair have as follows: The afternoon of May 6 in the Thiseio area, where there were no riots, six police officers of M.A.T. squad made six blind and unjustified arrests, one from which was my own. Once being arrested with no obvious reason, I thought they were just doing some simple suspect presentations, aware of the situation created that day. However, as you understand, as I am writing to you this letter, finally the things were not like that at all. Thus, later, taking me to the G.A.D.A. police building, with no evidence, without any proof, the police officers passed me a paper to sign, with an awful lot of accusations. Of course, the police in order to support theese accusations have testified in their six similar reports that the arrestations did not take part in the Thiseio area, but in the Monastiraki square, where there indeed were riots, presenting us as a team that attacked them. Thus without any genuine clue, taking us later on to the interrogative process, they attributed to me some severe accusations as homicide attemptings and also supply and possession of 50 explosive bombs and without being suspect of escape or having a background in such similar situations (how coud I, anyway?) they ordered my detaintion. Thus I find myself detained in the Korydallos Prisons, without any ecidence, facing severe accusations. Continuously, all appeals I submitted were rejected extending my imprisonment without any genuine evidence. Thus I am puzzled and I wonder how could I ever, being simply one person, prove - having no proof but my words for what I have lived - the opposite towards six untruth accusations made by the police. I think I can not. So, being desperated and having no other way to stand up to all these theese untruth accusations that they attributed to me, and also aware - despite the serious health problems I face (as rupture of kidney and rupture of spleen) - of the fact that what I am going to do may cost my life, I will go on a hunger strike protesting against the false accusations they attributed to me, and also demanding to be set free directly until my case's trial.

Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos

TARASIOS ZADOROZNI ON HUNGER STRIKE (since November 29) Imprisoned behind the bars and cement walls, after six and a half months of captivity, in the juridicial prisons of Korydallos, I come to realise that all they can do is to emprison my body. Everything else that is genuine and free, I have succeeded to maintain intact. I am found in place of captivity to the state, because I decided to participate in a march of protest, because the system searched to find expiatory victims in order to promote the spectacle of control and justice. The system's decay was obvious in all its greatness since all previously existing inaccuracies and inconherences in the cops' statements were later on extinct when forced to modify before taking them to the interrogator. Of course these changes in combination with other excuses that offered the interrogator as objective had no other than to take back my case so as to influence the six-monthly council on its decision and to decided my further detaintion. How indeed could this decision be valid whether they did n't use methods of manipulation and distortion of the clues, since there is no real case against me. Excluded from all the possible choices, led to a no-way out rout, disgusted with continuing unfairness against me, I continue my struggle with all means i have left. If they believe that putting me to jail, can extinguish my passion for freedom they are laughed. In a attempt to accentuate the contradictions of this decadent system and to show its totalitarian character I will stop giving them the right to rule my body. Since it is the unique thing that they keep in their hands I will turn it in a form of struggle against them, aiming at my release. Thus I go on a hunger strike from Wednesday 29th of November and demand my direct and unconditional release of me and my codefendants, the withdrawl of categories and ceasing of our case. I will not leave them use freedom as a tool in their legal and political games. However my fight will be hard and it will need the support and solidarity of persons out there who interest to support my struggle. Consciences are not ruled, nor jailed, nor guided.

Tarasios Zadorozni, "Γ" wing Juridicial Prisons of Korydallos

For more info: http://www.geocities.com/may6solidarity - http://athens.indymedia.org/

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